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Gardens and gardening can be a challenge but a well designed garden with all aspects of soil and weather conditions taken into account will make it much easier.

Gardens of all types need protection and especially gardens near the coast and this can be provided by walls and fences but also importantly screening belts of sea weather tolerant shrubs and trees. These, with careful design can form part of the garden's look without obscuring valuable views but allowing all those less tolerant plants to be grown in their lee.

One advantage of gardens in Devon & Dorset is the generally warmer climate especially in winter so that many less hardy plants are able to thrive that would not survive a further north.

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With years of experience we can design to meet your needs and this carefully married to make the most of the prevailing conditions. We design particularly to take advantage of what is on offer and to make nature work for you as much a possible.

Our designs are not just hard landscaping but also include full planting plans.

There will be no pressure or commitment to take up any of our other services although these may be included in our recommendations.

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