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We take great care when planning the planting your garden as there are hundreds of plants suitable for the your garden depending on soil conditions and exposure to the elements.

To get an idea for yourself what could grow in your garden it's well worth looking at neighboring gardens and seeing what grows well or badly and noting how much protection the plants require to look good.

Examples of plants in exposed areas near the sea that have their own defenses against salt and wind:

1. Highly glossy foliage: Euonymus japonicus, Griselinia
2. Tough narrow shoots instead of leaves: Spartium junceum (Spanish Broom), Kniphofia (Red Hot Pockers)
3. Sticky gum: Escallonia macrantha, Pinus
4. Stunted growth: Armeria (Thrift), alpine plants
5. Grey foliage: Elaeagnus, Rosemary, Hippophae rhamnoides (Sea Buckthorne)
6. Extra tough skin: Hebes, Phormiums, Yuccas

Giving new plants a good start in life is vital by prepare the soil well, watering them until established.

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